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Clicnical Pharmalogy
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An explosion of information in medicine has occurred in the last few decades, particularly in medical therapeutics. Tremendous advances are evident in the areas of basic and clinical pharmacologic concepts, drug formulations, and therapies. Given this large amount of information, the authors of Pharmacotherapy: A Pathophysiologic Approach have written the text for an audience that includes pharmacy students and practicing pharmacists.

The main emphasis in this book is on drug therapy. Opening chapters provide useful overviews on the principles of drug therapy. These sections are generally well written. The rest of the text is arranged according to organ systems within tobesityhe human body. The authors have highlighted drug-induced disease; the sections devoted to this topic are particularly informative. In addition, the therapies of common diseases are discussed with particular attention to critical review of current literature. I found this approach refreshing and a high point of the book. Unfortunately, many of the therapeutic discussions were approached from a third-party perspective and will not provide adequate guidance to the nonspecialized medical practitioner.

Many drugs and some diseases are discussed in several different sections of the book, thus creating a discontinuity that may cause misunderstandings. For example, in the section on cardiomyopathies, it is suggested that cardioselective -blockers be reserved for those with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. No reference is made to previous chapters in which adverse pulmonary effects of -blockers are discussed; nor is it suggested to consider alternative therapy in this setting.

This is not a general medical text but rather one intended for those in the pharmacy profession. This opinion is based on the simplified presentation of normal physiology, pathophysiology, and diagnostic approaches used in the presentation of information. It is not a pharmacology text because no sections are devoted to many basic pharmacology topics. In addition, there is not enough detail on most drugs to warrant its use as a drug reference textbook. Despite its flaws, however, I believe this is the best comprehensive pharmacy text available. It is a good source to obtain up-to-date critical reviews and references to common therapeutic issues and drug-induced disease. I hope that future editions will be revised to provide more authoritative guidance in the selection of therapy in controversial areas.



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